Collection Bhar

by Hanne Viehmann




Innovation Designer For Sustainability

with a focus on consumer goods

My work as an innovation designer for sustainability focuses on a global perspective on the product culture of consumer goods. I believe that design strategies are supposed to include as many aspects of the 17 sustainability goals, like creating a circular economy and picking up the objectives of equality, cultural heritage, and responsible consumption and production.


Working on Collection Bhar gave me the opportunity to look at processing sustainable design from a new perspective. Instead of creating an innovation based on a problem, Bhar was already set as the solution and the concept needed to be developed afterwards.

To understand the full impact of the cup, I designed a diagram that gives a clear overview of the current state and visualises the comparison of different opportunities.



A risk of globalisation is amongst others cultural appropriation which means that societies make use of cultural significant items. My concept points out the story of Bhar and supports the politicians to create a sustainable alternative. Communicating the sustainability chances of the clay cup should not offer possibilities to copy or to export the original to other countries. It is important to preserve Bhar's heritage by only sharing the story and not literally  the product itself.



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