A great idea or invention is not enough; you need a catchy design to express it and pass it on.





Foresight and Insights

Drive your thoughts forward with visual, user-engaging  and convincing arguments in order to make decisions that are fit for the future.

I help you understand trends and gain insights into the needs and expectations of your users and customers.

+ Show research projects

  • Trend and Design Research
  • Benchmarks
  • Facts and figures
  • Innovative materials and technologies
  • Al-led research
  • Workshops, interactive development
  • Methodologies from the field of design thinking
  • Reports, presentations, brochures


Concept and Product Placement

Turn your idea or invention into a product, service or experience that wins your users, future investors, 

partners, etc. Reveal your values in an aesthetically and functionally satisfying way.

I develop strategic goals and support you in creating tangible and intuitive design solutions.

+ Show strategy projects

  • Goals and product values (mission and vision)
  • Company presentations, pitch decks
  • Innovation consulting
  • User Experience (physical and digital)
  • Sustainable solutions (materials, technology, design, production, etc.)
  • Connecting technology and design
  • Collaboration with specialized industrial designers
  • Product Management


Corporate Design and Media

Communicate the message of your product or company with a corporate design and emphasize your brand identity on all platforms.

I develop brands in high-quality and unique layouts and content and make your brand strong with cross-media formats and visual guidance.

+ Show design projects

  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Design (logo, colours, typo, etc.)
  • Graphic Design
  • Communication materials (print, editorial)
  • Social media and web content
  • Templates, modular design elements
  • Visual Guidelines
  • Art Direction